Learning and teaching Serbian traditional songs – booklet and recordings publication

What’s inside?

This booklet is an educational guide in the field of traditional Serbian singing. It will help you to learn more about Serbian singing tradition, the process of learning song and the process of teaching others. You will also find there lirycs and translations of thirteen songs.

We are also publishing eleven songs recordings on our YouTube channel.

The booklet and recordings are the result of the two-week workshop about learning and teaching Serbian traditional songs led by ethnomusicologists Jelena Jovanović and Branko Tadić in Belgrade in 2021.

It is a part of a project “From Traditional Music to European Integration” founded in 2021 by the EU as a part of a Knowledge Education Development Operational Program, implemented by the tanTHEO foundation.

„Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”

Yip Harburg